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ILCOR presents a universal AED sign

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Download the statement here.

The International Liaison Committee on Resucitation (ILCOR) has unanimous approved the proposal of the ILCOR Task Force for a universal sign indicating the presence of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The sign is designed in accordance with ISO 7010 for safety signs and shape. Colors and existing symbols are in accordance with ISO 3864-3. Its comprehensibility has been tested in accordance with ISO 9186-1, rev. 2007 and proved superior to alternative designs. The AED sign is intended to indicate the presence of an AED, the localisation of an AED in a room, a container with an AED for public use or to indicate the direction to move in order to reach the AED, etc. It should assist in rapidly identifying the AED in a public place for immediate use in a victim of cardiac arrest. For this purpose the AED sign can be combined with other existing symbols like a standard arrow. The AED sign can also be accompanied by the letters “AED” or equivalents in other language groups. The full text “defibrillator” or equivalent is not encouraged. Several examples of combinations are shown. It is ILCOR’s intention that this sign is adopted worldwide by the national councils that together form each ILCOR member council. The sign should also be adopted by all AED manufacturers for use with their products and by manufacturers of signage. Public organisations and governments should encourage the use of this universal AED sign. We hope that this universal AED sign will assist in the awareness of the existence of AEDs and the rapid deployment of AEDs in the emergency of a cardiac arrest.

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