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Brain with ADHD develops differently

Posted on 01:03 by oncare

  • Some brain regions of kids with ADHD are delayed in maturing, says study

  • Their brains are delayed an average of three years compared to those without ADHD

  • Delay is most evident in brain regions that control thinking, attention and planning

National Institutes of Health study from November 2007 found that in youth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the brain matures in a normal pattern. However, it is delayed three years in some regions, on average, compared with youth without the disorder. The researchers used a new image analysis technique that allowed them to pinpoint the thinning and thickening of sites in the cortex of the brains of hundreds of children and teens with and without the disorder. The findings bolster the idea that ADHD results from a delay in the maturation of the cortex.


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